Winter-spring news 2012.

We are happy to announce our CDrs just out and arrived today.
They are cardboard releases put out by the longest running
independent Croatian label Listen Loudest and it costs 350 RSD if You want a copy.
Here are the photos about them.
We are shipping it anywhere around the globe, just drop us a line here on it!
Fanzines, critics, distros, promoters, etc... anybody interested in booking a show,
writing about it, distributing it, contact us for a promo copy, trade, whatever!
Friendly cheers!
 Our album is officially out on the internet as a free download release from 18. March  on Hi-Gain Records  from Montenegro. Click here for mp3's and enjoy!
(If You prefer some other audio formats than You can download our album from
our Bandcamp page also.)
There are some photos uploaded from our latest show (16. March) at our photos page.
We are looking forward to this one :). A pretty heavy underground psychedelic mess should happen. And there will be more shows on that weekend in Hungary, news coming up very soon!